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Astro Office 2009 3.0

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Astrocomp Softwares
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September 22, 2009
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Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98

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You can get everything in computer astrology which has more than 100 types.

By Astrocomp Softwares about Astro Office 2009

It has more than 100 types of reports The important feature added in this software is that it can print any report using any printer resolution which makes it print on any given size of paper. The main advantage of this software over kundli-2000 is that it can print reports in booklet fashion. Following are the additional reports printed on printer and viewed on screen : Vimshotari Antar Dasa from any planet, K.P. Vimshotari Antar and Prati-Antar Dasa, Yogini Dasa, Sukshma Dasa, Yearly Calculations, Progession Chart, Sarvato-Bhadra Chakra, Tara Chakra, Sahams, Karaka Cusp Interpretations, Yoga Combinations, Concise Page, Transit (Gochar), Fav.-Unfav. aspects for Planets/Cusps, Gemini System, Bhava Kundli.

Apart from the above features the software is also worth buying because of the following few important features that it has : Prashna Kundli : Generates Planetary Longitude and Ascendant Chart along with K. P. Vimshotari Ruling Dasa based on the prashna ( query ) asked by the client and accordingly the answer to the query is interpreted with more than 90 % accuracy.

Current Transits : This is the most worth-buying feature of this software wherein the animations of planets is represented showing their current movement in galaxy within a time duration of as low as one second.

Muhurath : Generating various effective times for a given auspicious event for any given place in the earth. Birth-time Rectification : Based on the theory of K.P. one can get his/her birth time accurately rectified upto the second.

Chowgadiya and Hora : Generates the daily report showing good and bad timings for any event from sunrise to SUNSET and vice-e-versa.
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